Playoffs Victory!

December 2, 2007

Last night we delivered a trouncing in our first playoff game against Philip Marie! Final score: 31 to 6. Now, we are officially on a winning streak because we won our last regular season game too.
Last night’s game was played at played at Pier 40 on Houston St. & West Side Highway. It was quite possibly the coldest I have ever been in my life. No idea what the temp was, but with the wind is was positively frigid.

Because of yesterday’s victory, we play undefeated Coors Light today at noon on 148th st. & Riverside Park. It will be an interesting game for sure… here’s thew view out my window this morning:


So the snow will add an interesting challenge to today’s game. Coors Light is a great team and the first time we played them we lost badly. Since then, however, our defense has improved tremendously.

Also, our offense is much better. I’m learning that the best type of offense in this league is some version of the West Coast Offense — lots of quick passes off the line for 5-7 yards each. Here are two examples from yesterday’s game:

And what game would be complete without me throwing an interception??