Final Softball Game…Victory!

August 14, 2007

Congrats to the Trois Pistoles on a great victory to end the season! The game was marked by extraordinary infield play and great hitting. Check out all the pics over at Flickr and the videos on YouTube.


Softball 7/15/07

July 21, 2007

Trois Pistoles vs. Construction Company

July 14, 2007

Yesterday — Thursday, July 12, 2007 — the Trois Pistoles were defeated by a construction company team whose name escapes me. Aside from the first inning, where we had a miserable showing, we played very well. Alas, the damage done in Inning #1 was too great to overcome. Follow this link for the softball set in Flickr!

I know that I’m way late to the party but I have¬† accidentally (or not?)¬† just realized how cool YouTube is. Anyway, it seems that someone using the camera yesterdayrecorded a video on the camera. So…. here it is…. my first YouTube video!

Friday, June 16, 2007: Trois Pistoles vs. Bloomingdales 59th Street

June 16, 2007

Today’s game was the Trois Pistole’s first true victory.

The game was held at Field #7 in the North Meadow of Central Park. It was scheduled to start at 5:30 and we barely assembled the team by the 5:45 cutoff point. When I arrived at 5:10, the entire Bloomies team was already there practicing; it looked like they had been there for a while too.

A word about the other team: they were intensely competitive but lacked the skills to match. They made this pitcher extremely tense with their overt desire to walk… instead of hit. In slow pitch softball, the idea is to have fun: when I get up to bat, I want to hit the ball, not watch perfectly good pitches float over the plate. Alas, Bloomies did not share the sentiment.

After starting out the first couple of innings behind by a few runs, the Pistoles‘ staged an impressive comeback. Samantha is the clear MVP of the game. Her strong hitting and excellent base-running is the reason we won tonight!!

Another standout performance: Michael Bolger showing up early even though he could only stay for a few minutes because of dinner plans. His selfless sacrifice ensured that we were eligible to play.

By the 6th inning the score was 15 to 12 in our favor. Due to time constraints, the Ump announced that this would be the last inning: Bloomies would have to score a bunch of runs or the game was over. In softball, scoring 2 runs is quite simple, especially if you get a couple of people on base. After walking a batter, and allowing a base hit, it was not looking too good.

With impressive infield play we kept them to 1 run and the game was over. The drama was just beginning, though. The Bloomies were a feisty and cantankerous bunch: they yelled and screamed because we were late and thought they should have been awarded a victory because of it. Regardless, the rules are clear that team’s are given a 15 minute window in which to assemble. The confrontation resulted in a yelling match between us, Samantha, Bloomies, and the Ump. There was no argument though, we had won fair and square.

This narrative does not do our victory justice, so please feel free to comment freely. Also, Flickr friends can follow this link for all the softball pics.


June 12, 2007

I was hoping to write a story of the Trois Pistole’s first-ever softball victory tonight. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be: not a single member of the other team showed up!

Nevertheless, our team of NYC professionals made a very impressive appearance: the entire team made it to the field early for a 5:30 game… on a Monday afternoon!

The field (if you could call it that) was on Houston Street & FDR drive. It is a tiney space between the highway and the East River. Left field was so shallow it would’ve been easy for even the worst hitter to hit a home run on every at-bat!

The umpire patiently waited around until 5:45 when he called the game in our favor. After that, we practiced for a few minutes and then went to the bar for happy hour.

We were drinking and carrying-on for about three hours until we requested the check. It came to $550. We felt this was a bit high but nobody really thought too much of it. On closer inspection, Kara noticed that a veggie burger — which we didn’t order — had made its way onto the tab. We presented this evidence to the waitress who re-crunched the numbers and presented us with a bill for only $260!!

So with two losses and two forfits, we are well on our way to the playoffs. Enjoy the pictures!