Will Agrees with Al Gore

I have never been Al Gore’s biggest fan, but on this we agree:

In a speech not far from the U.S. Capitol, Mr. Gore called for moving the U.S. toward “zero-carbon” electricity over a decade, and reiterated his support for a carbon tax accompanied by a “sharp reduction” in payroll taxes.

2 Responses to Will Agrees with Al Gore

  1. Adam says:

    I have to say I am starting to agree more and more with fmr. Vice President Gore, however the estimated $3 trillion it will cost to do this he is, of course, vague on.

    How would you pay for it WIll?

  2. willrwright says:

    Gore is not the first one to advocate taxes on gasoline to discourage consumption. I first got the idea from NYT columnist Thomas Friedman (someone I also take with a grain of salt). In an article a couple years ago, he had an intriguing hypothetical question: if instead of waging war in Iraq, we had imposed a $3 per gallon gas tax, what would have been the outcome?

    It’s a rhetorical question because a) gas prices naturally went to $4 and b) the Iraq war is a disaster. But the big difference between the $4 gas we have now and the $4 gas he spoke about is that we would not be sending so much of our national wealth overseas… to countries that hate our guts.

    Along with Friedman, Greg Mankiew is also a proponent of high consumption taxes on gasoline. All of these people, including Gore, want this to be revenue neutral: reduce payroll taxes to compensate for the increase in gas tax. To me this is a great idea because payroll taxes discourage work and low gas taxes encourage over-consumption.

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