New Apartment in North Carolina

I moved into a new apartment in Durham, North Carolina this week. The apartment complex is made up of refurbished tobacco warehouses. Here are some pictures of the place on moving day.

This is the hallway:

Great room/kitchen:

The ceilings are about 14 ft high:

My bathroom/bedroom:

View from the living room/bedroom:

View from the outside:

A few times a day, the train rolls by:

We are right downtown — walking distance to shops and restaurants:

6 Responses to New Apartment in North Carolina

  1. Paul says:

    I hope the train doesn’t wake you up!

  2. Mike says:

    I think I know this place. Is there a place nearby called George’s Garage? If so, you must pop in around lunch time and load up. Awesome food. Very fresh, many options, mostly healthy. Slightly expensive, but give me a break, this is Durham. Nothing costs that much. Here’s another one I’m just remembering. A mexican joint called Cantina. It’s a tiny hole in the wall just off campus near big fields. The place is upstairs. I believe their motto is “Best Mexican Food on the Planet”. There are many places on the planet I haven’t tried, but this place is super good. Super.

  3. Adam says:

    I love the space!

    What do you figure that would cost in Manhattan?? lol

  4. willrwright says:

    Hey Mike — thanks for the restaurant recs. I took your advice and went to George’s Garage for lunch — it was great!

  5. Neil says:

    The place looks great! And it makes me miss Durham so much. Hope you are checking out all the great restaurants. Brightleaf has two of my favorites – Nikos Taverna which is a great Greek place and Satisfaction’s Pizza which is a famous Durham hangout. Mike above mentioned “Cantina” – the place is “Cosmic Cantina” and it has the best and freshest burritos and other Mexican foods you will ever eat. You pretty much have to eat there at least once in order to get your Duke degree, so get check it out pronto. 🙂

  6. Max says:


    You are clearly living it up! I remember your NYC apartment well and you are a long way from that! 🙂

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