Adjusting to a new lifestyle

This is week number two of my mini retirement.  It wasn’t easy at first, but I am learning to adjust.  Actually, I think I could get used to this.

Yesterday I woke up around 8:30, read the WSJ and drank coffee until 9:00.  Then I worked on a partnership tax return until 12:30.  For a good chunk of time, I reached the “zone” while working – a highly focused state where I lose track of time and do my best work.  I listened to Patsy Cline on a whim and discovered her music is amazing.

In the early afternoon I had lunch with a friend downtown and then a meeting nearby with my law firm client.  At 4:30 I went to my new gym, Crunch in SOHO.  I love that gym – it feels like a nightclub, the music is so loud.  After lifting weights for twice as long as usual, I was headed for the locker room when a dance remix of Madonna’s “Hollywood” came on.  I stayed for an 8 minute ab workout that has me feeling very sore today.  Can’t wait to go back today! 

In the evening I had dinner with my friend Chris, who will be my roommate at Duke next Fall.  We schemed about bschool while drinking Coors Light and eating bbq.

Can’t wait for summer!!

3 Responses to Adjusting to a new lifestyle

  1. Mike says:

    Now that my friend sounds like a decent day. Not a total day off; relaxing, but yet productive.

    Another thing, I couldn’t help but notice that your roommate Dave left for Canada after living here for 3 years (maybe more?) with only a trailer (4×6?) and a hatchback full of stuff? How is that possible? I realize that you both are probably minimalists and that’s even further exaggerated by living in nyc, but that’s like nothing. Did he leave things behind, donate, what gives?

    Oh, also, not sure if you read this article in the wsj this morning, but I found it pretty interesting…I’m not really sure why though.

  2. Steven says:

    Congratulations in getting into Duke Will!!!

  3. JP says:

    very productive retirement time! 🙂

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