Malthus Makes a Comeback

From today’s WSJ: New Limits to Growth Revive Malthusian Fears

As the world grows more populous — the United Nations projects eight billion people by 2025, up from 6.6 billion today — it also is growing more prosperous. The average person is consuming more food, water, metal and power. Growing numbers of China’s 1.3 billion people and India’s 1.1 billion are stepping up to the middle class, adopting the high-protein diets, gasoline-fueled transport and electric gadgets that developed nations enjoy.

The result is that demand for resources has soared. If supplies don’t keep pace, prices are likely to climb further, economic growth in rich and poor nations alike could suffer, and some fear violent conflicts could ensue.


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One Response to Malthus Makes a Comeback

  1. Steven says:

    When I read that article, it reminded me of your other post “Every One Wants to Eat Like Americans”. But I am still a bit skeptical as to the degree of seriousness of such issue. This isn’t anything new just like Global Warming and it has been “predicted” several decades ago. I don’t deny that we are outpacing supplies and using up the world’s resources though.

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