Chipotle’s Shameless Lies

Mike left an excellent comment about Chipotle as a response to my New Year’s resolution post. We dug deeper this afternoon and what we found is truly horrifying…

The last time I went to Chipotle (about a year ago), I got a chicken burrito with rice, black beans, salsa, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Using the nutrition info posted on the Chipotle website, we put together the following chart:


Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, one burrito has 69% of your daily fat allowance, 75% of your total daily calories and a whopping 108% of your allowable sodium!!! Keep in mind that these are the numbers fed to us by Chipotle, my guess is that their serving size estimates are low — I’m positive I got more than 1 oz of cheese the last time I was there.

What makes this whole thing even more shameless and bald-faced is the blurb on the “Nutrition Cheat Sheet“:

Warning: Contains Only Real Food

That’s a label we haven’t seen yet. But if the call comes down, we’re ready. Because that’sall we serve. Real, high-quality food carefully prepared using time-honored cooking methods. We’ve chosen this route for one simple reason. Real food tastes good.

But there’s more than that. The building blocks of a sensible, well-balanced diet a rereal, simple foods—rice and other whole grains, fruits and vegetables, pure dairy products including real cheese, proteins from meat, poultry and dry beans. That’s what you’ll find in our restaurants.

Eating should be an occasion, a celebration of high-quality raw ingredients meticulously prepared to create extraordinary tastes. Not a science experiment aimed at manufacturing flavors using chemicals and food substitutes.

While that’s our commitment, we also recognize that dietary preferences and requirements differ from person to person. And that some people just want a little help figuring out what foods make the most sense for them. That’s why we’ve compiled this information.

Use this as a guide to help make informed decisions about what you eat. Then pick and choose what’s right for you. But remember, the numbers tell only part of the story. There’s no substitute for real, quality ingredients.

Mix. Match. Enjoy.

I think they actually have people convinced that this is health food.  Shameless!

4 Responses to Chipotle’s Shameless Lies

  1. crap says:

    um I know for a fact that you eat at Chipotle, Willy, as I have run into you there more than once. You are full of crap!!!

  2. willrwright says:

    Hahaha….. that is all in the past! I haven’t eaten there in 6 months!

  3. Hank says:

    Ever since we saw that animated video with Willie Nelson singing Cold Play’s “The Scientist,”we’ve been Googling like crazy to try to separate the facts from the feel-good (and extremely effective) marketing.

    Even before the video came out, critics have questioned whether Chipotle’s ingredients are really healthier and more sustainably-produced as claimed. Check out :

  4. constantly i used to read smaller articles which as well clear
    their motive, and that is also happening with this article which I
    am reading at this place.

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