New Year’s Resolution Part I: Nutrition

My diet has gotten a lot worse in 2007. I used to be a health food fanatic but my busy schedule has caused me to lose focus this year. Here are some things I’ve done wrong and my resolutions to fix them in 2008:


Quick Observations:

  • I rarely cook anymore – most of my food is packaged and prepared. Don’t get me wrong, I would never think of eating at McDonalds or Chipotle, but I’m sure I’m still eating way too much salt and unhealthy fats
  • I’m not eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables
  • I’m drinking way too much coffee. Each day I drink AT LEAST a Venti Starbucks drip coffee. Some days I have a lot more.
  • I am getting paranoid about the quality of the food supply (this is related to inflation, by the way). When it comes to food, you get what you pay for… “cheap” food is probably not anything you want to put in your body.

Resolutions for 2008:

  • No more daily Starbucks: instead I will make coffee at work in the small coffee pot I bought last year from Amazon. It makes 4 cups and this is all I will drink (except on Friday when I’ll have a 4pm grande drip). I will drink green tea in the afternoons.
  • Eat at least three servings of fruit per day. For example, banana for mid-morning snack, orange for afternoon snack & bowl of frozen blueberries & strawberries for dessert
  • Keep mixed nuts and dried fruit around my desk at work to avoid the temptation of the candy bin my colleagues keep stuffed with KitKats & Snickers
  • I will try to cook more meals at home – go back to to my old habit of making healthly “stews” in massive quantities. I can eat it a few nights a week with a salad and brown rice
  • I will try to avoid meat and fish products unless I purchase them at WholeFoods

4 Responses to New Year’s Resolution Part I: Nutrition

  1. Mike says:

    Dude, ate Chipotle for the first time this past weekend. Boy does that burritto taste good, and the ingredients seem to be so fresh and healthy. I mean, they take a steamed wrap, add to it grilled chicken or spiced pork, veggies and salsa. I opted out of the cheese and sour cream thinking they might be bad for me. Decent lunch right….WRONG!

    After a little research, it seems that I took in about 1,100 calories and about 4,000mg of sodium for lunch that day. I mean, seriously, 1,100 calories. 4,400 mg of sodium.

    I mean, it’s cool. I’m probably gonna be okay in the long run. But it seems like a place that markets itself as “fresh” and “grilled” and “veggies” shouldn’t pack that much sodium and that many calories into their staple items. I bet, if you tried just a little, you could break the daily 2,000 calorie suggestion in one sitting there. Add sour cream, cheese and guacomole to my burritto, maybe steak instead of chicken and a side of chips. All that without a fountain drink.

    I’d like to see what would happen to their business if they put nutritional info on the menu board alongside the burrittos.

  2. Will says:

    Mike — you’ve hit the nail on the head with your comments about Chipotle… it is toxic stuff. Their marketing is highly deceptive… in reality Chipotle is probably worse for you than McDonalds!

    As a general rule, it’s probably a good idea to avoid food that tastes *too* good. The reason why you can eat 1,100 calories in one sitting is because it tastes absolutely delicious! Only reason it ‘s so delicious is because of all the salt and fat!!

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