Another Tough Loss

Another tough loss for Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse. We played on Saturday night at Pier 40 against team Philip Marie. Final Score _ to _.

Their short game was relentless. In the next three videos you can see them execute a running play which turned into a 7 yard gain, a touchdown pass, and finally, a successful extra 2 point attempt.


Only got two videos of our offense. In the first, you can see an unsuccessful running play. In the second, I throw an interception on 4th down. Overall, we played well. If we had executed our short game better, we could have come away with a victory this week. Regardless, this is easily the highlite of my week — so much fun despite our 0-4 record!!

One Response to Another Tough Loss

  1. Max says:


    I have no idea what this blog is about. But I wanted to find out what you thought of the new Peru FTA? I’m always skeptical (though not opposed) of Free Trade in general but Pelosi gave a very good speech that convinced me it was the right bill. My congressman voted for it as well. I was curious to know your thoughts since you blog about econ a lot here.

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